We've been following Carolina Story for a while now, and their most recent release Chapter One proves once again just why we keep coming back for more. Last night, I had the pleasure of attending their Chapter One release party and showcase event at one of Nashville's newest entertainment venues-The Filming Station. Using reclaimed and recycled materials, The Filming Station is the resurrection of a historic 1935 gas station brought to life by Demetria Kalodimos and Verlin Thompson in the heart of downtown Nashville.

The atmosphere was nothing short of ideal.

Carolina Story is made up of husband and wife, Ben and Emily Roberts. If you're a newcomer their music, know that Chapter One sets the stage for so much more to come. In a room without microphones... without amplified sound... Ben and Emily stepped onto the stage and captured the hearts of everyone in the room with a completely stripped-down, raw performance. They opened with "Gold," and eased the crowd into a set list, which primarily featured tracks from Chapter One with a few favorites thrown into the mix-each its own musical gift for the grassroots following they've built through the years.

Staying true to their name, every song that Ben and Emily Roberts bring forth has it's own story to go along with it. From the selflessly apologetic, "Cheers To Loving Me" from their debut album to "My Feet Keep Moving Still" from their sophomore release, Home, these stories tell the tales of persistence, dedication and love that are always put forth with the same underlying mission: to send a universally understood message directly from the heart. Even though their songs are inspired by personal hardship and experience, their stories resonate with all who hear them.

Chapter One is a statement piece. This is a fresh, welcome start for Carolina Story, and we are all eager to see where the next chapter takes us. Stay tuned-Chapter Two is already in final production stages and is set for release in 2014.

Amanda Q.

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We've been following Carolina Story for a while, and 'Chapter One' proves just why we keep coming back for more.

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